Infuse is a social media company focused on the Latino market. By utilizing Latino insights and communicating in their language we help brands engage with this dynamic, with on a more personal level, making connections and forming bonds to ensure long term relationships.

Mission – To develop effective communications that engage the Latino community.
Vision – Utilizing Latino market insights, Infuse social media helps brands develop a content strategy. Or optimize an existing one.


Our Services include:

  • Developing original content
  • Creating social media platforms
  • Translating and/or transcreating existing English content

    Our Process



  • Analyze – We start by researching and analyzing your business based on your current customers, competitors and your communication objectives in order to create a social media content strategy and to engage the Latino community.
  • Develop – Based on research findings, we start creating a social media content strategy, including the Latino insights and the latest social media trends.
  • Expand – We enlarge the community around the brand.
  • Optimize – We update content regularly, keeping it fresh. Optimization involves the refining of strategies to keep pace with social media trends.